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Compensation Disclosure

This Compensation Disclosure has been provided for your protection and to fully disclose any relationship between Joule Holdings, LLC, its brands, and the owners of recommended products and services. It is always recommended that you conduct your own research and exercise due diligence before purchasing any recommended products or services on the internet.

Joule Holdings, LLC is required by law to inform you that a relationship exists between this website (https://www.jouleholdings.com) and the products and services it reviews, recommends or promotes.

1. Material Affiliation

It is advisable to assume that any mention of a product or service on this website (https://www.jouleholdings.com) is made because there exists, unless otherwise stated, a material connection between the product or service owners and Joule Holdings, LLC. It should be understood that any recommendation made by Joule Holdings, LLC for any product or service has been made in good faith.

These recommendations reflect the fact that the Joule Holdings, LLC has either tried the product or service or has extensively researched, and can give an honest opinion to the merit of the product or service. When Joule Holdings, LLC makes any recommendation of a product or service it is advisable to assume the possibility of a material connection or relationship with the owners of those recommended products or services.

2. Product/Service Partiality.

Due to the material connection between Joule Holdings, LLC and the owners of the products or services recommended, it must be understood that a bias for these products or services might exist. These biases, although based on facts, could have developed because of compensation for such commendations, although every effort has been made to provide accurate and true reviews of each product or service.

Regardless of whether Joule Holdings, LLC has, or will receive compensation from a product or service owner, it should be understood that a relationship exists between the two. Consequently, there does exist, established or not, the potential for a material connection between product and service owner and Joule Holdings, LLC.

Before entering into any agreement or purchasing any product recommended by Joule Holdings, LLC, it is advisable to understand the potential partiality of Joule Holdings, LLC due to possible compensation from the owners of the recommended products or services. You should perform your own research and exercise due diligence prior to purchasing products or services from any website.

3. Compensation.

Joule Holdings, LLC may receive compensation for recommendations made in reference to the products or services on https://www.jouleholdings.com. This compensation may be in the form of money, services or complimentary products, and could exist without any action from a website visitor.

Should you purchase a product or service that was recommended by Joule Holdings, LLC, it is understood that some form of compensation might be made to Joule Holdings, LLC. For example, if you click on an affiliate link on https://www.jouleholdings.com and then make a purchase of the recommended product or service, Joule Holdings, LLC may receive compensation.

4. Compensation Disclosure Statement

This Compensation disclosure statement has been made to inform you of the possibility that a material connection between a product or service mentioned, reviewed or recommended by Joule Holdings, LLC may exist, and that compensation to Joule Holdings, LLC may be made should you purchase such product or service.

Every effort has been made to provide true and accurate statements in regards to any and all products or services mentioned, reviewed or recommended on https://www.jouleholdings.com.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns and would like to receive an answer, or ask a question prior to purchasing any product or service mentioned on https://www.jouleholdings.com, you can contact us directly at info@jouleholdings.com.